It’s a matter of fact, visual content is the key for success of many marketing campaigns as well as in other settings. Businesses reported that 74% of the content used in 2016 was visual content and 51% of marketers have dedicated major of their budget for visual content in 2016.

Not enough stats about the topic?

These 42 Visual Content Marketing Statistics will make your day!
There are many types of visual content tool that can be used and alternating them is definitely a good strategy. But, let’s talk about a viral type of visual content which is a trend since a couple of years, even though this year is celebrating 30 years of existence: Graphics Interchanged Formats aka GIFs.
In particular, let’s see why your company should be bothered using GIFs:

They are all over the place

  • On Social Media: for example, Twitter collaborated with Ghify in order to have a variety of GIFs available on their platform


  • On online Magazines and Newspapers, such as The New Yorker an America magazine which switched many illustrations to GIFs

  • In online marketing campaigns: many brands like Starbucks and Diesel use GIFs to arrange contests and as a mean to interact with the audience

They are eye-catchy

As stated earlier, visual content is a must when planning a marketing campaign, actually, it is expected that by 2018, 84% of the internet traffic will be visual.

By using GIFs you are able to express more than just an image, you can tell a story, your brand story, without the costs of a video!

They are multi-platform friendly

Not only GIFs are available (and used) in all social networks but also, thanks to their file size they are easily adaptable by any device.

They can go Viral

As any type of online content, your company GIF can go viral and reach a variety of users with just a click, the clue is making an awesome GIF!

They are multi-use

GIFs can be used for many purposes, from a making a twitter post more engaging to share a cool fact, for example. If you need more GIF usage inspiration, this post will give you more ideas than just using it as an annoying meme.
Of course, we joined the GIF movement as well and not only we have a Giphy account and did a GIF for our company logo:
but we also created GIF for other companies such as these ones we made for NatWest 
What about you, is your company joining the GIF party as well? We’d love to see some new and fun GIFs!