In May last year, waiting for the big NatWest new brand reveal at Futurebrand’s London office, we wouldn’t in a million years thought they would go in an isometric perspective based route.

But, what is Isometric Perspective?

Isometric design is a method used to project an object in 3 dimensions using equal measurements – usually using multiples of 30 degrees – to create a cubic like object without losing depth.

Isometric design has made a bit of a comeback with great gaming apps such as monument valley out on the market.


In NatWest case, there’s never the huge scene builds or massive detail but still, we always start with a cube shape and build our illustration out from this.

Most of the time starting in Adobe Illustrator but because our illustrations need to animate we may build it in Adobe After FX or cinema 4D. Like all design, it usually starts with a scamp so we can work out those angles which what’s makes isometric.

While isometric and keeping our angles the same can be tricky, building and bringing them to life is great fun and very engaging and working out how we get from scene to scene can be challenging going from a fridge to a table for example.

Here are some great isometric designs to purchase from Enveto if you’re looking to get started:–vector-5017


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