The first team member to be interviewed is Amanda, our studio manager! Amanda studied video production at University but then decided to take a completely different route indeed she worked as a flight attendant for 8 years before settling again here in London!

Here are a couple of questions and answers about how she got here and what does her role involve:


Which are your daily tasks?

My daily tasks can be divided into two groups. The first one is about the office needs and general stock, I make sure that we never run out of stuff such as water, coffee and technical items. While, the second, and main, part of my job is about coordinating and organizing projects. This includes managing all the process from sending out quotes to clients that are interested in hiring us for a project, making sure that project deadlines are met and that everyone is on track with the timeline. Then, depending on how big is the project I’m also in charge of contacting freelancers or making sure that we have all the resources needed to accomplish the task.

Which is your favourite part of being a studio manager?

I definitely enjoy the human side of my job: meeting new people such as freelancers or talking to and keeping a good relationship with clients. I must say though, that I also like the meticulous aspect of my job, checking accurately the final project and making sure that every detail is on point.

Which is the most challenging aspect of being a studio manager?

I’d say that the most stressful and challenging part is making sure that everything is delivered on time no matter what happens during the working project or how many changes have to be done.

Which are 3 skills that you believe are important in this role?

  1. Organisation 
  2. Attention to details
  3. Knowing how to keep calm under pressure

What tip would you give to anyone who wants to become studio manager?

I’d say two main things:

  1. Just try it, challenge yourself and see how you feel in this shoes. If you already like organising and coordinating a team this might be a good opportunity for you!
  2. Research don’t be restrictive of what your knowledge is. Especially by working in diverse projects you’ll realise that being a studio manager requires different type of insights. It’s not required to know everything as soon as you begin but being curious about it and looking forward to knowing more will definitely help you to be more confident on your job!


Last random question: which is your favourite food?


Our studio manager, Amanda!
Our studio manager, Amanda!


Do you have any further questions for Amanda? Just leave a comment below and she’d be happy to answer!