Let’s admit it when watching naked scenes or promos we have all asked ourselves at least once: “Isn’t it embarrassing shooting it?”

Well, our film director Niki had a direct experience on this when she was working at MTV and here’s a short sum up about her experience!

The project Niki worked on was an MTV summer packaging stunt. The final video has been shown on all their channels. The video involved showing naked (or better, semi-naked) people walking around London.

It wasn’t hard convincing the Creative Director about the idea because it perfectly matched the MTV ethos at that time. Plus, they wanted something risque and was taken as a fun, ironic, frivolous and definitely eye-catching idea. Indeed, the campaign tagline was “Less clothes, More Music”

Despite this though, there have been other challenges to overcome.

Challenges when directing naked promos

1 | Some talents need more encouragement than others

The initial script was based on 4 MTV presenters taking part in the promo but the day before the shooting one of them dropped out. This caused quite a mess up but they managed to balance it out by mixing up more ordinary people.

2 | Nosy Parkers can slow down your work

The filming was done outdoor and already in a normal city setting, there are always curious people coming to ask what’s going on. In this case where actors were barely dressed, even more. So be prepared with extra people to control crowds and questions.

3 | Keeping a straight face

Of course, everything is managed in a professional manner but you can’t help it, think that what you’re doing is quite funny! Despite this, to keep the level of embarrassment as low as possible and keep a straight face, you need to concentrate on getting the shot.

4 | Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee the weather

Although it was a warm, sunny day, we are in England, and the last part of the shoot was filmed in the rain. Because of this, when shooting outdoors, be prepared, with an excellent Smoke editor who can give you sky replacements!

Overall, if you’ll ever find yourself shooting a naked promo, just go for it! It’s amazing what you can film on the fly!

Are you curious to watch the promo we’re referencing to? Click HERE!