Video has become an important and powerful medium on Facebook. More and more of our clients have requested specific Facebook videos usually to drive traffic to a landing page.

Since there are different rules to think about when posting videos on Facebook, we thought we’d share some of our learnings working with Facebook ads and different approaches.

1 | Tailor your story to your audience

On a brief, it’s always good to know who you’re aiming at and content that’s relevant to their interests. Sometimes we create different versions or unique videos depending on different targeting. For example, some stories are slower and more narrative based if the product is aiming slightly higher in age or other times quicker cuts if the content needs to be more immediate.

 2 | Invest in production

Doesn’t matter if you’re using a camera phone or high-end production, get the best creative resource. Set realistic timelines and budgets.

Audiences are more likely to watch and remember videos that work for multiple devices. Click To Tweet


5 Hacks To Exploit Facebook Videos

3 | Create a 3-second hook

This is a general rule anyway not just Facebook, but bring the story alive quickly. Not having a slow start like a movie would have. Your video ad quickly piques people’s interest. Consider showing brand or product imagery in the first few seconds or logo as a bug.

Consider showing brand or product imagery in the first few seconds of a video, or logo as a bug. Click To Tweet

4 | Tell your story with and without sound so add captions

Since videos on Facebook autoplay with sound off, it’s important to make sure your video ads entice viewers even when muted. When sound is off, beautiful imagery and captions can help tell your story. When enabled, your video’s sound should offer additional value to viewers and further bring your story to life.


5 | Use tools from Facebook

Some Facebook tools are great such as carousels. So, for example, you can think of quick creative ideas where the story develops across the carousel.


What about you, would you have any other tip to add to this list related to Facebook videos? We’d love to hear from you!