Animated videos are becoming more and more popular, mainly because they are a great way to communicate, share information and connect with the audience in a fun and simple way. Animations are not only used for tv or online ads but they are turning into a hit on social media as well.

But, how are animated videos created and what’s the process behind it?

Here are 4 steps we usually follow to create a video that matches your requests and our effort on fulfilling your desire, while having fun creating an animated video.


1. Concept Stage

This first phase will lay the foundations for creating an effective and successful video.

We work together to set up a specific purpose and clear objectives to attribute to the animation, always thinking about the target audience to which it’s referred.

In this way, the main guidelines for creating the content of the video will be laid.


2. Script & Story Board

At this point, it’s necessary to think both about the written story (the script) and the visual one. This is normally done by sketching the main scenes of the video and matching the written text with each scene.

It’s quite important that the writing part is precise and accurate so that it is possible to have a clear idea of the whole story.


3. Production Decisions

Well, now that all the elements are specified, we’re ready to bring your idea into a real animated video!

Yet, there are still other two important decisions that have to be made: the animation style and the eventual music or voice-over.

This can seem difficult but if you have a precise idea and clear objectives (which we’ll make sure you have after step 1 and 2) then it won’t take too long.


4. Enjoy!

There it is, your animated video is ready to be uploaded, viewed and shared!


Want to see the full animated video of the pictures above? Click here and enjoy!