Since the rise of the walkthrough videos usually around apps and websites the need for voice overs have been in demand.

We’ve been working with professional voice overs since 2000 and some turned out to be really famous such as X Factor’s Peter Dickson.

But still, haven’t had the chance to work with James Earl Jones yet.

Directing a Voice Over_James_earl_jones_
James Earl Jones (Image Source:

There are a great number of voice-overs out there at different levels but how do you pick the right one? Here are some great ways to find a decent voice over.

3 Aspects To Consider When Selecting and Directing A Voice Over -

Demo Reel

Starting with the obvious when listening to their reels, is there a voice on there you feel is right? There’s no better direction to a Vo than playing their reel back to them


There are terms when directing voice overs

Half a beat – usually means leave a gap maybe to create drama. For example  “That time is… now” Having that half a beat in there makes the now more dramatic.

From the top – play the promo from the beginning

Drop in –  so if there is one line or a paragraph to record you would drop in for that line.

Wild – usually means record the voiceover without any music in the background.

Vo Experience & Personality

Besides a technical point of view, it’s also important that the Vo fits with your company working style.
Here are some of our friends who are great to work with showing a huge variety:

Shelley Blond

Jonathan kid

Stefan Ashton frank

Tom Oldham

David Carlin

Usually recorded at SNK Studios


Do you know about other aspects to consider when selecting and directing a Voice Over? Let us know about them!